New Features in the new Send to Dropbox

The day is finally here! Almost 3 years of nights and weekends went into the back end and new website for Send to Dropbox. Here’s a brief change log.

  • Date formats can now be customized to your liking.
  • You can now choose to overwrite existing files, or index their filename. e.g. foo.text => foo (1).text.
  • Automatic unzipping of archives has been fixed.
  • There’s now a support ticketing system to better handle issues that may arise.
  • The backend has been re-architected to increase efficiency and minimize downtime. No more waiting hours for your attachments.
  • The new website no longer random stalls at a blank screen when signing in.
  • The new website now correctly refreshes your authorization token.
  • Accounts can now be fully deleted.

Along with these changes, we’re excited to now offer Pro account subscriptions. Pro accounts are $3 a month or $29 a year. Here’s what you get.

  • Completely customizable address. No more random characters at the end. Get the full address you want!
  • Create multiple addresses with their own unique settings.
  • Email whitelists! You can now set up filters to only accept attachments from addresses that match your filters, which helps keep your Dropbox safe!
  • Priority support. Your support requests will move to the front of the line and be handled first over basic account requests.

A lot of work went into the new accounts, and we made a special effort to not take anything away from existing users by enforcing bandwidth/email caps or promoting free features to pro.

Furthermore, we’ve received a lot of donations since Send to Dropbox started, and you’ll be happy to know that those donations have not gone unnoticed. If you’ve donated to us in the past, you can sign up for a pro subscription, and redeem your donation for a 2x credit towards your account. Since all subscriptions come with a 1 day trial, you can upgrade your account and immediately apply your donation without your card being charged. To redeem your donation, simply click on “Your Account” and then click the “Subscription” tab. At the bottom of the form, you just need to enter the PayPal email address you donated with to redeem your credit.

Thanks for your continued support and a brighter future for Send to Dropbox.

Tags: Dropbox Email Pro